Why Is Search Engine Optimisation Important?

Is your business better resourced than LinkedIn?

LinkedIn temporarily drops out of Google Search Results Pages with a simply but detrimental mistake with their SEO and website. Google’s Algorithm were quick to pick up the mistake and deindexed them because of it. Even with over 690 million active members on the platform Google still penalised them for it.

A friendly reminder in the digital marketing space that even massive websites and massive companies are at risk of coming into issues or errors with Google and how they are displayed online.

This is something we see day in day out by business owners that either maintain and manage their websites internally – or outsource their website and SEO to various third parties.

Get in touch with EnE Media to see how you can avoid becoming deindexed or dropping out of Google Search Results Pages.

85% of all website traffic is from SEO.

The benefits of being found on Page 1 of Google. How can you get there, as well as what to watch out for!

The importance of Search Engine Optimisation is something that digital marketers stress to their clients and potential clients day in day out. Avoid the pitfalls of overseas call centres over promising and under delivering.